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About Us

Summit Strength Coaching offers personal training/barbell coaching and programming to help you get stronger, more capable and more empowered than ever before.  

The barbell is your friend...

We don’t do machines. We don’t isolate muscle groups. We don’t use bands.

We train the body as a whole system…you know, the way it’s used in the real world (like lifting a large landscaping stone, or putting that heavy luggage in the overhead bin).

We’ll help you get proficient at training with the barbell, as it has tremendous carryover in to real life. At Summit Strength Coaching, we select exercises that use the most muscle mass, take the body through it’s most effective range of motion, challenge the neuro-muscular system and give you the ability to increase the resistance and drive up your strength. We use the  methods that have proven to be effective for thousands of people for over four decades.



This is not a gym membership...


The skills you obtain during our training session can be taken with you, back to any gym with a basic compliment of barbells and plates, or even a properly equipped home gym!


If you're looking to get stronger, or you want to learn how to perform barbell movements safely and correctly so you can train more effectively, then friend, you've come to the right place.  

No experience? No problem! We have packages that build the movements from the ground-up.

Got some exposure to the barbell? Let's clean up your technique and build your numbers!

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